About the Summer School

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Acclaimed Australian music theatre producer and performer Simon Gallaher presents this unique opportunity for young aspiring, up and coming performers and students.

Students are auditioned & enrolled in levels according to age and are further broken down into smaller classes depending on their level of musical-theatre proficiency.

Primary (ages 8 – 13)
Intermediate (ages 11-14)

Secondary (ages 13 – 18)
Senior (aged 18 and over)

The Centre: The workshops run in a secure, prestigeous and safe campus at The University of Queensland (St Lucia campus in Brisbane)


Resident Tutors: We have a highly reputable team of resident teachers and tutors giving first class tuition in the various facets of music-theatre over the 15 day program.

Celebrity Guest Mentors: Some of Australia’s top working professionals give students a special six day timetable of classes and workshops with ALL students having classes with ALL visiting guests.
One additional celebrity specialist is also engaged exclusively for the Primary section in a two-day timetable.

Arena Performance: All students congregate for the final three days of the workshop program resulting in a grand spectacular performance at Southbank's Suncorp Piazza. A live orchestra provides the backing for the entire performance spectacular with an impressive sound and light show and features all students in multiple items.


How much does it cost?


• Less than $10 an hour!

• Less than $66 a day!

The comprehensive 15 day workshop for all classes:
$990 (inc.GST)

- or $255 x 4 equal monthly installments
(with credit cards & all fees paid prior to commencement)

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Fees include:

• 4 – 17 January 2007 (excluding Sundays, total 12 days) musical theatre tuition, training and workshop classes commencing at 9.00am daily and concluding at 5.00pm
This also includes the special 6-day program featuring the Celebrity Guest Mentors and their program of classes.

• Plus 3 days technical rehearsal period 18 – 20 January 2007 at the Suncorp Piazza Southbank.*

• Showstoppers Live Performance Spectacular Saturday 20 January 2007 at 7.00pm

Sheet music and rehearsal recordings - available via internet download.

• A Showstoppers T-Shirt to also be worn as a costume in the performance.

• Fees are also payable in four equal monthly portions of $255 per month or in three portions of $340 per month. (credit cards only with all fees payable in advance)

Fees do NOT include:
• Travel
• Meals
• Costumes
• Any other costs or expenses.

* Students commuting from Gold Coast (Robina Station & stations north) in the final three days of the workshop will be chaperoned on Qld. Rail for specific departures to and from the performance venue.

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